Spring 2015 Indoor Practice

Players and Parents:

Coaches will be sending out specific details for their teams.

 Please click on the documents folder for Indoor practice schedule which begins in January 2015

Location is:


1 Lawton Ave, Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 824-4866

Uniform ordereing and sizing will begin the first week of indoor practice.


$50 for U10 and above

$25 for U8 and U9

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2014 Raffle Winners

The raffle winners were drawn at the coaches game on Saturday November 8th. Congratulations to all the winners. The treasurer will be given the tickets to send out checks to winners! Thank you.

$50 winners:

Janet Tavares
Susan Cabral
Aly McCarthy
Kim Suarez
Sherry Dias
Mike Lawson
Jen Santos
Maria Costa
Barbara Gillis
Casey Mills
Owen Kelly
Holly Fiola
Ed Nadeau
Shelly Clasby
Brian Smith
Alex Mcleish
J. Kerns
Brian Silva
Phil Klayman
Stephanie Amaral

$100 winners:

Maria Pereira
Laura Corr
Jessica Melendy
Jay Fraga
Anne Bedard

$200 Winners:

Lisa Ruprecht
Tracey Desmarais
Karen Harmon
Edward Ferreira
Bobby Koulouris

$500 Winners:

George Abouyazbek
George Melo

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South Coast Soccer League- Our Travel league


click on the link below to learn more about South Coast Soccer League our travel league for both Fall and Spring travel Soccer


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New USYS Guide Available

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